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In the story of the Zoo Boyz, 4 of the 5 members of the group were originally bound to their zoo enclosures. They were excited and curious to know more about the world around them, but could only do so by using their imaginations. This soon changed however, when Luke the Seal arrived all the way from the Galapagos Islands. With him he brought a beautiful and magical shell from deep within the Pacific Ocean.
The shell gave the 5 animals the ability to travel anywhere that they wanted to go, but only if they all truly desired to venture there. Soon many wonderful and daring adventures were to result, as the animals were able to travel back to their homelands and also into unfamiliar territory by using the magical shell. They had to be careful however, as it was important that they were back in their cages by sunset, the time that Zephyr the Zookeeper did his evening check…

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Animal Party Wave (live)

Shake it Like a Jellyfish (live)

School shows

School shows

Does a Cow know How to Fly?

Luke the Seal

Benji the Gorilla

Olly the Kangaroo

Danny the Penguin

Josh the Giraffe

Zoo Boyz

Zoo Boyz (live)

Zoo Boyz Album Launch

Everybody Dance

The Jungle Boogie

Wake Up

Jungle Boogie

Josh Ben

The Shell

The Giraffe Song

What people have to say about the Zoo Boyz

"Zoo Boyz were amazing. The show was high energy, educational, and filled with lots of catchy music to sing along to. The children were captivated for the full 45 minutes and loved every moment. This was an excellent performance!"

− St Ambrose Primary School Concord West - Jamie Wahab (Principal)

"The preps at our school had the pleasure of seeing the Zoo Boyz perform during term 3. The children were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the catchy music. The Zoo Boyz made their songs very interactive and it was great that the children were actively involved all the way through. As a teacher I appreciated that the children also learnt about animals and their habitats. We can’t wait to see them again next year."

− Victoria Park State School Mackay

"Fun and educational, our children loved meeting the Zoo Boyz and learning about the animals and cultures that they represent. The show itself was extremely musical and really captivated the imaginations of the children, who enjoyed participating in the songs along with the band"

− St Felix Primary School Bankstown - Lisa Harbrow (Principal)

"I was blown away by the great musicianship on this album! The Zoo Boyz have managed to combine elements of pop, jazz and rock in their songs, making the music just as enjoyable for parents as it is for their young children!

I love the theme of animal education that runs through all their songs – and the way the words encourage actions to get the kids moving as well as learning. It really covers all the bases.

I have since seen the Zoo Boyz performing for preschoolers, and can attest to the fact that the kids got as much enjoyment from the music as I did! They were all eagerly doing all the actions, and bopping and boogying their way through the repertoire! It was a joy to see"

− Judith Krieger Cocorico, Languages for Kids

"Zoo Boyz really captivated the crowd here in Canberra. We are looking forward to seeing where they go to from here!"

− Floriade Festival Canberra

"We LOVE THE ZOO BOYZ. As a parent I really enjoy singing along to the Zoo Boyz songs because muscially, they're brilliant. I'm also a massive advocate because I think my daughter will actually learn something about our environment by listening to the lyrics: Catchy tunes with edu-tainment! Love it :) It's clear my daughter loves them because she knows all the words and can do all the actions to their songs and she knows their names!

I'm so proud to say that this band came out of the Northern Beaches of Australia and I feel like it's ingrained in their genre!

Well done boys, I hope you take it to the world"

− BJ, Mila & Sandy (some of your biggest fans)

"My kids love your music! I have 4.5 and 2.5 year olds, and they are always singing along to your songs, having dance parties in the lounge, or watching your videos on you tube. The kids 'walk like a crab' 'surf with the monkeys' and 'stampede' all over the house. We also don't drive anywhere without the Zoo Boyz playing in the car!

We had a fab time seeing you at your Album Release Party, and loved seeing you guys on stage! The kids know all of the actions to your songs, and danced so much that they were just exhausted by the end of it. My partner and I really enjoyed it too, and the kids can't wait for the next show!"

− Michelle Kobzday

"Our kids would be good contenders for the Zoo Boyz biggest fans!

Our kids insist on wearing their Zoo Boyz shirts as their pyjamas 'for good dreams' so says our 3 years old!

We have thoroughly enjoyed two of their concerts and have their songs on high rotation in the car and at home!

We are loving following their adventures and new songs and can't wait to see what they do next."

− Claudia & Matt Bowman (parents of Clementine 4.5yrs, Scout 3yrs and Sunday 14mnths )

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